Hotel Bathroom Toiletries Supply

Hotel Cosmetic

We operate on a meticulous level, ensuring that every process strictly complies with the industry’s highest standard requirements. You can put your trust in our team.

Style And Design

Personalized Customization of Formula

We have various, standard components seen often in most hotels and spas, but can also customize ingredients based on your needs and help you become known for your brand’s unique formula.

A variety of fragrances, suitable for all customer tastes. Essential oils can be added on request.

Quality Control

High Standard Workshop & Production Line

All production processes, from raw materials to semi-finished products and finished products, are carried out in a strict GMP certification workshop. 

The meticulous operation, to ensure that every process, strictly enforces the industry’s high standard requirements, so that you can rest assured, more comfortable!

Quality Control

Hotel Toiletries Tube Packaging

Plastic tubes are the perfect option for price-friendly cosmetic containers that effectively display products. We can provide you with a wide variety of tubes that range in volume capacity and cap styles (screw caps or flip-top caps). Beautiful branding labels. The environmentally-friendly ECOPURE material can be added.

Quality Control

Hotel Toiletries Bottle Packaging

Conventional, customizable bottles and caps are available. Variety of materials, including PVC, PE and PET. Standard volume capacities (30ml, 35ml, can also hold larger volumes such as 1 to 5 L). Different open options, including screw caps, flip-top caps, press caps and more. Various labelling options, such as screen printing, UV printing,etc.